Creating a natural sleep system, guaranteeing you a better night’s rest.

Natural Latex

The excellent natural elasticity and the balanced pressure distribution of latex mattresses guarantee optimal body support, good blood circulation and help prevent pain and stiffness.

Wool Blend

Woollen fabrics are a natural and sustainable material that have the added benefits of breathability in both the colder and warmer months. Due to its insulating properties, we use wool in our top panels to ensure a breathable, more restful sleep.

Natural Material

Natural latex, the sap of the tropical rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis), is a natural and inexhaustible raw material. The rubber trees neutralize over 90 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

Pulse Comfort Layers

Durability tested by TÜV. Tests conducted in a dynamic fatigue test set-up revealed that there is no change in hardness nor a loss in height after 30,000 cycles on Pulse material.

Humidity Control

Pulse latex excels on all comfort levels and boasts superior ventilation properties, which ensure a perfectly balanced microclimate and optimised humidity control. Pulse production process has the best ecological footprint in the entire latex industry.

7 Zoned Core - 18cm Height

Thanks to the comfort zones, each part of the body is correctly supported. The zones ensure that the spine, when sleeping on your side, is kept nice and straight. And, when lying on your back, that the natural curve is maintained (normal lumbar curvature). We determined the exact positioning of the comfort zones in partnership with the renowned Institute of Ergonomics in Munich.

Environmentally Friendly

Pulse production process has the best ecological footprint in the entire latex industry.

Our Promise

Your purchase includes a 10-year guarantee ensuring your peace of mind.

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