The Nature’s Touch ethos is to create a natural sleep system, guaranteeing you a better night’s rest

Not only is the Daintree mattress designed for functionality and comfort, but it also gives a new meaning to sustainability. With its environmentally conscious manufacturing process, incorporating Grade A Belgium latex and no additives, it allows for breathability and luxury and is carefully designed to utilise 100% of the benefits of natural latex. The Daintree collection has a carefully curated “Pocket in Pocket” spring technology and is paired with a layer of gel-infused latex, allowing you to achieve a better nights sleep and reap the long lasting benefits.

Joey Pocket in Pocket Spring

Inside of every pocket spring is a secondary spring ensuring durability and responding to your individual needs.

Memory Foam Infused with Gel

Memory foam layers provide superior pressure relieving comfort while advanced energy-absorbing gel particles regulate body temperature.

Latex Gel Layer

The Daintree Range is built using natural latex which is hypoallergenic, dust free and moisture repellent, aiding durability and comfort.

Breathable Wool Blend

Unsurpassed for its natural breathability and temperature regulation, our wool is used generously in the mattress quilting for superior comfort and performance.

10 Year Guarantee

Nature’s Touch is built with the highest quality materials and care, your purchase includes a 10 year guarantee ensuring the best of our manufacturing process and your peace of mind.

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