Our Ethos

To create a natural sleep system, guaranteeing you a better night’s rest. With a focus on natural fibres and pure organic latex setting a new standard in comfort and environmentally safe bedding.

Sleep Better Naturally

A Touch OF Nature

Natures Touch was established in 2009 and founded on the principle of natural sleep. Our objective has always been to carefully create sleep systems that utilise the benefits of nature. We investigate widely to source materials that are proven to enhance sleep and wellbeing.


Taking inspiration from nature has lead us to investigate the human form, and it’s organic movements. Our focus is to pursue a natural, robust and conformable sleep system moulding itself to your natural body movements while gently supporting. The result is a sleep system designed for you with the environment in mind.

Durability by Nature

We only use ‘Structural Grade Pine’

Structural Grade Pine is used in building house frames, supporting bricks and mortar. You can rest assured knowing your mattress will be supported on the same timber.

We only use ‘Kiln Dried Timber’

The Kiln Dried process creates a better quality timber, which does not bow or flex, meaning a more supportive foundation for your mattress. The Kiln dried process also eliminates all insects.

We use Australian Plantation Pine

Plantation Timber is entirely sustainable as it can continue on indefinitely with no drain on the resources of the planet. Compared to every other base material, timber is clearly the best environmental choice. Plantation Timber also keeps jobs in Australia.

Carbon Neutral and Energy Use

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, effectively recycling carbon within the atmosphere. Furthermore, Steel uses 24x more energy to produce than Timber. This includes the extraction, transport and manufacture process, therefore steel is a bigger drain on the environment.

Proudly Australian Made

Not Far From Home

Every Natures Touch mattress is carefully formed in our Melbourne factory.


Being Australian made means more to us than a label. We’re subject to the highest quality control and safety standards, and unlike other countries, which often have little to no regulation, we meticulously curate our materials to make sure they are free of nasty chemicals and toxins. Our energy consumption is reduced by not having to transport products from overseas, which helps us reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Not to be overlooked is our commitment to after-sale service; Natures Touch products are issued with manufacturer’s guarantees, and superior service that only locally made manufacturing can provide.


We’re committed and proud to be Australian made, owned and operated.


Woollen fabrics are a natural and sustainable material that have the added benefits of breathability in both the colder and warmer months.


Due to its insulating properties, we use wool in our top panels to ensure a breathable, more restful sleep.


Bamboo is a remarkable and highly versatile natural resource. It is 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate your skin, they are gentler than many man-made fibres making bamboo a natural solution for those with sensitive skin.

Viscose Yarn

Made from wood cellulose, viscose fibre has a silky look and the feel of cotton with the same comfort, breathability and absorbency. Cellulose pulp from sustainably managed plantations of fast-growing eucalyptus and acacia trees also makes viscose a natural, sustainable and fully biodegradable alternative to acrylic, nylon, polyester and other petroleum-based synthetic fabrics.

Natural Rubber

Natural latex is made of sap harvested from rubber trees. The fluid is whipped into a froth and baked into cosy latex layers. Known for being resistant to moulds, mildews and dust mites, makes natural rubber perfect for allergy sufferers.

Skin Health

Our skin is a complex and diverse organ, we may be familiar with different types of skincare that are usually topical solutions. Often overlooked are the materials that your skin interacts with during sleep. At Natures Touch, our material choices have been selected with your health in mind. We use breathable natural materials that won’t cause unnecessary irritation to your skin, so you can make sure you really are getting your beauty sleep.

Our Foams

Good Environmental Choice Australia Certified

Our foams are sourced from GECA certified suppliers, ensuring that you not only get the best quality and highest density foams, but you’re making a sustainable and environmentally sound choice. Equally as important, is what we leave out. Other suppliers include harsh and dangerous substances such as formaldehyde and bromine. These substances have been found to cause skin irritation and throat disturbances and can be emitted from foams over time. At Natures Touch, we’re committed to leaving out harsh chemicals from our products utilising only natural materials for your wellbeing.

Spring Systems

A Natural Innovation

Our PosturePractic™ Spring System is our latest innovation in spring technology. Made from a durable blend of fine wire steel and titanium, our spring system is designed to contour to your body shape and minimise partner disturbance. Our spring system is divided into 5 zones, which offers variable support for different parts of the body; head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet. Zoning this way helps guarantee proper spinal alignment.


To aid with ultimate breathability, our mattress includes our latest innovation, Advanced Support Technology. AST provides another layer of support with micro pocket springs in our pillow top, resulting in more comfort and conformity than traditional pillow tops.

Finding Your Nearest Retailer

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